Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Demoniac was a black metal/melodic black metal band from New Zealand formed in Auckland in 1993 by singer and bass player Lindsay Dawson and guitarist Sam Totman. The band moved to the UK in 1999 to gain popularity but broke up shortly after Herman Li joined. Members of the last line-up went on to form DragonHeart (Herman Li, Sam Totman, Diccon Harper, Matej Setinc). Now known as DragonForce (with some line-up changes.) Their rather unique musical style has often been labeled as "Blackened Power Metal". I've never heard anything like this.

I'm only uploading their second and third studio albums. And also their only EP. It's their only good music.

Stormblade is my favorite, amazing mixing with the vocals. All one guy doing vocals with some crazy voice shifts. Very melodic album.

Fire and the Wind is when Herman Li (before he was in DForce) was introduced. Punk drums, harsh vocals, and power metal guitars. Cool combo.

Demons of the Night EP (Joke track on there, along with all of their other racist and homophobic words, the band has strongly denied being racist. And a Chinese guitarist can prove that.) Very good EP, the last thing released by them. Vulgar as fuck.


The Fire and the Wind

Demons of the Night EP