Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm going to Mexico for a few days. My grandparents are bringing my mom's side of the family over there in celebration of Christmas and... THEIR 50TH ANNIVERSARY! Woo! I sound happy for them about their 50 years, but I really don't care. I'm just happy I can be in Mexico again. I'm tired of this shit weather. Getting stuck in snow in people's yards, getting stuck in snow on the road because my fucking city forgets to plow my road. You're not supposed to get stuck in snow... ON A STREET. I'm tired of scraping inch thick ice off the windshield of my car. I'm tired of driving to school while shivering because my car takes 23 and a half fucking years to get warm. But it should be a good vacation. I'll be leaving in 2 hours!

I hope that all of you have a good Christmas. And I plan on posting much more music. I just get lazy like everyone else, well mostly everyone else. Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Charlie Harper

I'm pretty sure all of you know who Charlie Harper is. If you don't... Then I have no clue why you listen to punk.

Barmy London Army EP

Freaked EP

Stolen Property

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Satellites

I now have all of The Satellites. A goal I have been aiming for. And I finally succeed! Thank you SoulSeek, Thank you the guy from Holland that I bought the LP from, and thank you very much Mark Phillips. For ripping and scanning the Human Being and Nightmare EPs. Thank you so much. Even though you said you didn't really want credit, I had to give it anyway.

Repost this shit, please!

Urbane Gorilla EP

Human Being EP

Nightmare EP

Vietnam EP

Here is Today's News... LP

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steve Roberts - Do You Know Who I Am?

This is more of a solo LP done by Steve Roberts and released on The Exploited Record Company. He drummed for Cyanide, U.K. Subs, and The Exploited. I'm not sure what other drumming work he has done. He's been known to be a very experienced drummer. I came to notice that there's big drummer also named Steve Roberts, also from the UK. I don't know if it's the same man. If so, he's really hiding his days of punk in the past. Haha! Not sure. But anyway, this LP is pretty good. He says some shit about U.K. Subs. They must not have parted on good terms. But this album is fucking rare. So if you think it's good, get it around. Drums and vocals are done by Steve Roberts. Bass by a guy named Roy. Guitar done by a guy named Kid.

Do You Know Who I Am?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Easter - Ready to Rot EP

I like this band. They formed in '82. Released one EP and a live album that I didn't really pay much attention to. After that they had some line-up changes and changed the name to Spiketeam. Who recorded a demo.

Ready to Rot EP

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Blood

This post consists of ALL The Blood's releases. Excluding their new album. The Cardinal of The Blood and I have been talking for a couple years now and I don't plan on posting any of his work that he's trying to earn money off of. I will post all of the other music because he doesn't benefit off of the sales of them and albums like Se Parare Nex don't sell, considering you can only find old copies of it on vinyl that are second hand.

Anyway, this is my favorite band... Hands down. Has been since I first got a hold of their stuff. The band was formed by Cardinal Jesus Hate and JJ Bedsore. The Cardinal on vocals, JJ on guitar. Both of them did vocal work. Most of it is done by The Cardinal. Both of them wrote guitar work. Most done by JJ. This band has amazing lead guitar work. I can't think of any better guitarists in the UK punk scene than JJ Bedsore. (Maybe Gizz Butt... Maybe.)

The band began under the title of Comin' Blood but was quickly changed to The Blood. JJ and The Cardinal got a hold of people to play drums and bass. The line-up between bass and drums has changed quite frequently. After the 90's showed up, JJ had taken on The Blood by himself. (A little work with tours and the track 'Kill My Head Out' from The Cardinal.) JJ Bedsore died a bit more recently due to organ failure. I assume by his constant consumption of alcohol. Even though he's gone, The Cardinal is now heading the band in a new direction of punk-acoustic tracks until he can get an actual line-up. Many people say JJ would throw a fit if he knew this was the direction The Blood was going in, but The Cardinal admits it and believes it's the best he can do as of now.

If anyone wants lyrics, let me know! I know most of the lyrics.


Such Fun (Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot version)
(1982) A fucking speedy track of '82. First track of theirs that criticizes religion and the pope.

1st Demo (1982/83?)
Not too much to say about this demo. Has alright quality. Powerful songs. And one of which is quite humorous. "Coffin Dodgers" is about a hate for old people. JJ said he wouldn't live to be old. And he was right, and I'm sure he wouldn't have changed it.

Megalomania EP
(1983) The Megalomania EP has great tracks. The title track is purely and pretty brutally giving shit to Pope John Paul, Parasite in Paradise explains life on the dole - it's one fucking raw UK '82 track. Calling the Shots is a bit more mellow, but is pretty vulgar. Great EP. This is when they had their drummer Dr. Wildthing. He has a very unique form of drumming. Constant ringing of cymbals. This is probably their 2nd best selling release. I love it.

Stark Raving Normal EP
(1983) This EP consists of the track Mesrine. Written by a good friend of the band. The song is about French gangster. The title track is about the narrow minded people who preach in one-way forms. Both great tracks.

False Gestures for a Devious Public (2 bonus LP outtake tracks.)
(1983) The first LP is one of my top favorite albums of all time. Definitely in my top 3. The vocal work gets very deep sounding. Which is common in Oi! bands. Probably why they have been labeled as Oi! by many people. But if you're a big fan of Oi! music, this album is full of anthems by these working class Cockney kids. Some tracks are completely vulgar. (Sewer Brain and Rule 43.) They were disgusting because that's how they were, not like Anti-Nowhere League and how they were disgusting in order to attempt to impress people. But that's why I like this band so much. Also can't forget to mention the lead work on guitar. Fucking brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Done by a man who never owned a guitar until the EARLY 90's!

Se Parare Nex LP
(1985) This album is of when The Blood hit their small 80's metal era. If you're interested in hearing, they still held their anti-religious stances in the track "Incubus." They still had their love for drinking in the powerful Oi! chorused "Smiling Throat." And they also kept their points of view on topics that Stark Raving Normal consisted of on the brilliant anthem, "False Fed, Brain Dead." This album is a masterpiece in my eyes. 6 tracks of metal fused punk rock. Give it a try.

Fabulous As Usual EP
(1995) This EP isn't so great. It's after The Cardinal had pretty much left the band. He is however included on vocal work for the powerful track "Kill My Head Out." These 3 tracks were re-recorded, with much better quality on the following CD "Smell Yourself." Download this if you want to have it just to have it, otherwise... Might as well just take the CD - Smell Yourself.

Smell Yourself CD
(1996) This is a very strong album. A bit more "rock" added to the punk. But it has some pure punk tracks like "Renegade" and "Kamikaze Overture." This is also during the era when The Cardinal kept disappearing and coming back. He did vocals on "Kill My Head Out" and wrote lyrics for songs such as "Renegade" and "Fabulous As Usual." Very strong album, very great.

Boots EP
(1997) This album is also a bit more rock sounding. But the track Deaf 'til Death strays away from that. It's a raw speedy track, a lot similar to Blitz's Never Surrender. Actually, suspiciously similar... But oh well, great track. Pretty vulgar lyrics when it comes to their version of "Boots." Hilarious though.

Spillage CD
(1999) This album is more of a crossover sound of metal and punk. It contains a few track from "Smell Yourself" re-recorded. You can actually notice quite a change in the sound and power of the song just by the different equipment used while recording it. This is also a strong album. Probably their fastest album released. It has a guy called Brad Sims who used to drum for a thrash metal band "Death Wish." He's a pretty cool guy.

Kill the Pimps Single
(2006) This single was released by The Cardinal and his shortly lived line-up. This is available for free download as well as available for purchase. If you purchase it, all of the money goes to an organization that fights against human trafficking. This track has a bit more of a '77 sound which The Blood have always been influenced by. It just never really showed. This is the first recording where The Cardinal played guitar and sung. It's a great track.

Samurai Lullaby

(2007) "samurai lullaby is the blood's first acoustic recording ... the filmic footage on this dvd is taken from the tragedy of 9 11 ... samurai lullaby is a voice against the apathy shown towards fundamentalistic belief systems does not matter if these belief systems are... christian ... islamic ... or jedi if they preach one dimensionality they cause the annihilation of humanity through the dehumanizing of others ... uncertainty in the mind does not make us act like psychotic killers on a mission to exterminate others but certainty in the mind does ... humankind understands and needs to follow its international laws and stop committing crimes against humanity ... international laws have been set in place to represent all people's of the world in an unfolding global struggle against the systematic hatred of otherness ..."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Betrayed - Skins 'n Punks (Volume 2)

This is the second issue of the split albums released on Roddy Moreno's Oi! Records. These tracks were reissued with The Strike but originally with Oi Polloi. The Betrayed came from Folkestone, England and played between 1984 and 1990. Two of them members later formed a ska band called Intensified. This skinhead band is clearly pro-working class. If you listen to the track Knocking Down a Nation you can hear their views on how poorly the members of the working class were treated. It's a great song, clever sounding lyrics. If you're in the mood for some Oi! anthems then I suggest this album. (This does not include The Strike's tracks. Let me know if anyone wants The Strike posted as well.)

Skins 'n Punks (Volume 2) (Betrayed)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bee Bee Cee - You Gotta Know/We Ain't Listening EP

This Scottish punk band is one of the traditional '77 bands. Great sound, pretty good vocal work. Unfortunately they only released this one EP.

You Gotta Know/We Ain't Listening EP

Assassins of Hope - Hell is for Heroes EP (Unreleased)

This is another post-punk sort of band that I have very little information on. They've released a tape or two, I think. Had quite a few compilation appearances. Other than that, I can't say much more. The first song has a cool reggaeish sound to it (I just noticed that I add "ish" a lot to try to describe things. Haha!)

Hell is for Heroes EP (Unreleased)

Arch Criminals - Hang EP

I have almost no information on this band. All I know is that they're post-punkish, from England, and from the 80's. I've got next to nothing when it comes to information on them. Pretty good music though. Fucking good use of the synthesizer, too.

Hang EP

Alternative Attack - No Turnin' Back EP

This is some good thrash metal. I don't know if they have had any sort of punk influences. But they have a punk edge to their sound. This EP was their only release before changing their name to Destroy Babylon. At one point in time, their drummer Spikey drummed for English Dogs when Pinch had left the band.

No Turnin' Back EP

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Accursed

From Kent, England. The Accursed released a couple demos, a few LPs and an EP between '82 and '84. This is probably one of the sloppiest bands who played. But I can't figure out why I like them so much. Their first 2 LPs were sloppy but good. And the last EP and LP seemed to be sloppy in an organized way. And I don't think anyone else has pulled this off. The last LP (Laughing at You) is a half studio album from '84 and a half live album from Holland in '83. I highly recommend this band.

Aggressive Punk LP

Up With the Punks LP

Laughing At You... LP

Going Down EP