Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Satellites

I now have all of The Satellites. A goal I have been aiming for. And I finally succeed! Thank you SoulSeek, Thank you the guy from Holland that I bought the LP from, and thank you very much Mark Phillips. For ripping and scanning the Human Being and Nightmare EPs. Thank you so much. Even though you said you didn't really want credit, I had to give it anyway.

Repost this shit, please!

Urbane Gorilla EP

Human Being EP

Nightmare EP

Vietnam EP

Here is Today's News... LP


garychching said...

Good job Seth. Excellent post.

Who Killed ET? said...

Thank you, sir!

punkbelongstopunks said...

awesome stuff here in this blog!
keep the good work


Rob said...

The Urbane Gorilla link doesn't work anymore, so here's a new one: