Saturday, December 13, 2008

Charlie Harper

I'm pretty sure all of you know who Charlie Harper is. If you don't... Then I have no clue why you listen to punk.

Barmy London Army EP

Freaked EP

Stolen Property


Longy said...

Cheers for the Charlie album. I totally forgot about this one as I've never owned it. Nice one mate.

Henk said...

check if this is enough by The Past, this was all i knew about when compiling it. I've been seriously drinking with both the vocalist and the ex-bassist (there was a fun story about that in swedish major papers after that one-off punk festival on the Baltic sea cruising boats...) The Past played live on this festival as well (that's why I went, Asta Kask, Troublemakers and Rövsvett was great as well but no major wants that night)

Henk said...

SORRY mate! This seem to be the additional files to their discography, don't want to lie or so, so to be honest this might just be the 'rare ones'

i will check again. i dumped all my ancient swedish punk to specially made cd's before store them awa . the question is where didi i put them, hehe

planckzoo said...

Thanks for posting the Stolen Property LP, I have wanted to hear it for years. Long Live Charlie

biopunk said...

Talk is cheap! Right on!

Thanks for these great tracks.

truthrlies said...

wow. jeez.
totally cool. thanks.

I remember reading about the solo LP.

Never saw it. I thought it was rare (?)
nice blog