Thursday, April 2, 2009


So it seems like I've had plenty of you downloading from me. I've looked at my files shared on and there are plenty of hits. So thanks a lot. I'm really glad I can be getting more music around to other people.

Like I said, I'm glad people are downloading from me. But it'd also be cool if I got some more feedback. Some comments here and there. Just some shared opinions on what you liked/disliked of my posts.

Thank you, have a wonderful day!


P.S. I posted a picture from my trip to Mexico. I had 30 ice creams like that for the time that I was there. I counted. Tasty.


kennyhel77 said...

Seth, you have a pretty cool blog! Love some of the stuff that you have posted like The Fits, Mau Maus, abd especially The Blood. Keep up the good work there!!!!

kyleshowell said...

Nice Agrestix shirt haha cool blog, I've been looking for the Blood for soooooo long thanks for that mate. Hey, you wouldn't happen to have whichever album has "Alconaut" on it, would ya? thanks - Kyle Pogo